About Custom Concept

Custom Concept is an agency established in April 2010 by experienced professionals in the field of research, evaluation and consulting.

Why Custom Concept?
After years of working in the field of research, we decided to bring to Bosnia and Herzegovina a different concept based on an individualized approach, as well as on the development of specific research designs for each Client. We perceive Custom Concept as an opposite to corporations and large research companies. To the contrary, we ensure full commitment to Client and its requirements using the principle of a limited number of researches (conducted) within the same time period. This approach ensures that a researcher engaged in a particular research, works solely on that project with undivided attention, knowledge and time, while maintaining constant communication with the Client and guaranteeing strict compliance with deadlines.

We conduct socially responsible and beneficial researches in collaboration with Clients who share our vision, while providing top quality research and consulting. In addition, through meeting the Client we try to develop research design and methodology that are customized to that Client, not only regarding the objectives of the research, but also the profile of each of them.

Custom Concept has a highly developed network of interviewers, which covers entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interviewers are additionally trained for each of the projects, and their work is followed with a high degree of control. In addition, Custom Concept has at its disposal a large number of carefully selected external associates (operators, typists, mystery shoppers and other professionals in the field of research), whose work contributes to each research being implemented in a quality and timely manner. Moreover, Custom Concept has excellent cooperation with research companies from neighboring countries, and it conducts regional researches as well.

Equipment that Custom Concept has at its disposal meets the highest standards of the profession, and it includes a modern CATI center (center for telephone interviewing), as well as the latest software for data collection, processing and analysis.

Since its establishment in April 2010, Custom Concept has collaborated with an array of national and international Clients from the public, NGO and private sector. Satisfaction with the methods and the results of work performed by Custom Concept is best explained by the fact that, after the initial experience, Clients chose Custom Concept again to conduct their research..