Clients about us

“Your human and professional approach, and above all the commitment to work and understanding the needs of our clients and consumers, motivated us to work more and to work more successfully.” (Sabiha Haskić, Director of Medica Zenica)

“It was a pleasure to work with Custom Concept, given the promptness, accuracy and excellent cooperation in all segments of research: from precise and comprehensive communication during the design of questionnaire and sample, compliance to fieldwork deadlines and completion of these activities, to the conceptually excellent report and very clear presentations of research results. By engaging Custom Concept we got the research, which was at a very high level.” (Ana Jakšić, Assistant Director of Gender Center of FBiH)

"Baseline research, conducted for the purposes of our project, allowed us a precise insight into the sector of adult education. Thanks to the good preparation, the specific combination of research methods and respondents of different profiles, but also to the expressed enthusiasm and flexibility of all team members, Custom Concept prepared the report which, as the entire research, completely fulfilled our expectations.” (Dr. Rodney Reviere, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH)

“Our opinion of Custom Concept as a service provider is at an extremely high level. This was confirmed through our multiple collaborations, as well as through the review of our financiers, IFAD and OPEC. Interest, involvement and professionalism of Custom Concept team, along with their expertise and knowledge, constitute a guarantee for success.” (PhD Halil Omanović, Director of Project Coordination Unit of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry)

"Cooperation with CC began in a way that we recognized the experience and professionalism necessary for the implementation of external evaluation of our Family Strengthening Programme, which consists of 3 projects in 3 cities. Implementation of evaluation confirmed that this is a team which is expeditious, professional and works in accordance with all the rules of scientific methodology. Furthermore, they retain objectivity, but also a pleasant, cooperative relationship with all implementers of projects. The reports we received are comprehensive, detailed and reflecting the information from all sources involved in the evaluation; they are comprehensible and give clear direction and recommendations for our further work.” (Berima Hačam, National Director of FSP, SOS Children’s Villages in BiH)

"Under this contract, Custom Concept performed very well. They developed an efficient strategy to ensure that the research would be conducted smoothly and in a timely manner. They delivered a high quality report, with in-depth analytical work and particular attentions to details. The Custom Concept team, led by Mrs. Snjezana Hasanagic, demonstrated a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct. They were also excellent in communicating ideas to other project partners. We recommend Custom Concept for similar initiatives in the future.“ (Anne-Claire Dufay, Deputy Representative UNICEF BiH)

“Engagement of the Custom Concept Agency was performed at a high professional level, through a remarkable cooperation with Subur Consulting SL agency from Spain, which resulted in excellent evaluation report. The report based on deep analysis of the project activities, giving realistic and useful recommendations for the continuation of project activities which is of high importance for the continuation of IOM activities. Custom Concept as a service provider is at an extremely high level and completely fulfilled our expectations.” (Danijela Torbica, PREVENTIVA Project Manager, IOM BiH)

“The Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo, as an institution that continuously works on research activities, strives to create top research results through its activities. In this process, as a prestigious higher education institution, we have chosen to cooperate with a company that provides exceptional services of quantitative and qualitative research. Throughout all stages of cooperation, the Faculty of Economics had a fair and, above all, professional relationship with Custom Concept, achieving remarkable results in very short timeframes. The analyses and methods implemented by Custom Concept proved to be extraordinary parameters for research studies that ultimately resulted in new knowledge. We would characterize cooperation with Custom Concept as a useful and significant investment in the improvement of processes, with impeccable results achieved through great dedication in all areas of company’s operations.” (Prof. dr. sc. Jasmina Selimović, Dean of The Faculty of Economics of University of Sarajevo)

“Within the framework of the Contract, Custom Concept effectively and efficiently performed the intended job – they ensured that the research was carried out without delay. The delivered reports were of high-quality, included thorough analysis with special attentions to details. The Custom Concept team, led by Ms. Snjezana Hasanagic, demonstrated a high level of professionalism and respect for ethical standards.” (Dr. Ranko Markuš, Manager of Youth Employment Project (YEP) and Director of GOPA Representative Office in B&H)

“The key to successful cooperation with the Custom Concept team was their understanding of our needs, as well as a professional and cordial approach to our beneficiaries. Knowledge, expediency, flexibility, ethical and methodical approach resulted in a successful implementation of the Project evaluation conducted in fie municipalities, but also in our desire to continue our cooperation in the future. You learn through CC’s feedback, appreciate their recommendations and you further recommend CC.” (Larisa Klepac, Director of World Vision BiH Program)