Service Custom Concept

Custom Concept conducts all types of research and evaluation, quantitative and qualitative, as well as their combination. Our services include research devise/conceptualization and design, its field implementation, and all the necessary analysis of the obtained data, reporting and presentation of research results.

The most common methods Custom Concept uses are:
- Face to face households interviews
- Face to face street interviews
- Central location test
- CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
- Mystery shopping
- Online surveys
- Focus groups
- Workshops
- In-depth interviews
- Semi-structured interviews
- Desk research

Research conceptualization and design
Custom Concept
offers Clients assistance in the design of each phase of the research, it assists in choosing the type of research, research methods, defining target groups, development of research instruments, sample design, selection of adequate methods of data analysis and the most suitable methods of presenting the results.

Face to face interviews
Face to face interviews are conducted following the methodology specifically made for each research. Custom Concept uses random sample (selecting households by applying random walk technique and selecting respondents in households using the last birthday method) or any type of appropriate sample.
Custom Concepta interviewers are trained to conduct these interviews in households, in the street and at a central location.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
Custom Concept
has at its disposal an eight seat CATI center equipped with latest technology for such kind of surveying. The system enables a fully automated, randomized selection of telephone numbers, it allows different sample designs to be set, to produce quotas through any variable, and to record any additional statistics related to the telephone calls. Also, there is the option of completing surveys using the “paper-pencil” system or the option of programming the questionnaire in the research system itself, which enables simultaneous surveying and entering respondents’ answers, prevents entering non-existent or illogical answers, unjustifiable asking or skipping questions or failing to make the necessary rotation of questions and / or answers.

Mystery shopping
Custom Concept
is able to, in any town or village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organize and conduct Mystery shopping. Mystery shoppers, hired by Custom Concept are of different gender, age and education level, and are suitable for different types of such projects.

On line surveying
Custom Concept
is able to organize surveying by e-mail, as well as through websites.

Focus groups
Custom Concept
organizes all types of focus groups throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focus groups are held in adequate facilities in selected cities or villages. They are led by one of the best moderators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who, along with the experience in psychotherapy and education in moderating, has so far conducted hundreds of focus groups and conducted analyses of their results. It is possible for focus groups to be audio and video recorded, as well as observed. Additionally, focus groups can be conducted online as well.

Custom Concept
has an experienced team that conducts facilitation of various workshops, trainings and seminars.

Dubinski intervjui
Dubinske intervjue provode obučeni istraživači Custom Concepta. Po potrebi ovi intervjui se audio i video snimaju.

In-depth interviews
Custom Concept In-depth interviews are conducted by trained Custom Concept researchers. If necessary, these interviews are audio and video recorded.

Semi-structured interviews
Custom Concept conducts researches that include semi-structured interviews. They can be conducted face to face, by telephone, as well as electronically.

Desk study
Custom Concept conducts different types of desk research and content analysis.

Control of work performed by interviewers and operators is done by telephone, on a randomly selected sample of completed questionnaires. It controls compliance with required methodology, sample selection and the process of surveying. Additionally, Custom Concept conducts a logical control of all questionnaires (100%).

Data Analysis and Reporting
Custom Concept’s staff has worked on more than a hundred projects that required different types of analysis and reporting. The staff conducts desk analysis (analysis of existing documents, materials and data), quantitative analyses (review of results frequencies, cross tabular review of data, statistical significance analyses, multivariate analyses and all other statistical data analyses), as well as qualitative analyses (most often on the basis of transcripts from focus groups and in-depth interviews). The results of the aforementioned analyses can result in descriptive and analytic reports, social assessments, mid-term and final evaluations, Power Point presentations, graphic and tabular reviews of results, and consultancy reports (which include recommendations for further operations). Researchers, after the research has been conducted, at Client’s request, hold internal or external presentations of the obtained results.